Monday, July 11, 2005

Sin City

Indeed it is.
Okay - so I may well be the only schmuck who simply doesn't "get it", but they say ignorance is bliss.
Bored. Yep.
And - borING.

Anything 'Tarantino' seems to make me feel the same way - splatter and shock (i use the word lightly) tactics didn't even come off due to a general numbing of the senses and as it slowly singed any neuronic activity under my skullcap (which I retained, unlike 99.9% of the characters in the film who seemed to lose theirs...)

Granted, we only made it through the 1st third of the set, however the motivation to view the other two seeped into the gutters of the city along with all colour bar red; blood red of course. (Yeh, post-modern-tech-noir.. *yawn)

The look on 'stumpys' face as his flesh was devoured by his pet wolf was empathised by us in whole. If we'd looked in the mirror after this 35 mins of cinematic wank, we woulda seen the same expression.

Bloodbath At The House Of Death was a stompier romp.


At 11:41 pm, July 11, 2005, Anonymous Decay said...

Sin City rocked... I just don't think it is a you movie... go back to buying Charlie's Angels DVDs

At 11:42 pm, July 11, 2005, Anonymous decay said...

Oh and as if not link to rantspace you n00b

At 9:05 am, July 12, 2005, Blogger sambo_nz said...

haha what makes you say that? Just cos it took me 5 years to see Pulp Fiction, 3 years to see Dusk Til Dawn, and I still haven't seen either Kill Bill's...?

oh yeh. doh. :D

and yes - silly moi. will link now.

At 11:24 am, July 12, 2005, Anonymous [0-0] said...


I don't know that I actually watched much of this, but I heard a whole bunch of this movie while DK was watching ...

You mean, there are movies I've seen, that you haven't yet seen? I thought I had the monopoly on not watching movies for ages, if at all ... or something.

At 3:28 pm, July 12, 2005, Blogger sambo_nz said...

nah sadly im the king of 'not seen'..

At 6:07 pm, July 18, 2005, Anonymous [0-0] said...

... and in news just to hand, it's biting your nose, not someone else's ...

For posterity:
A filmgoer had to have his nose reattached after it was bitten off during a brawl over the merits of Sin City outside a NSW cinema.

The 19-year-old was leaving Metro Cinemas in Bathurst about 11.40pm yesterday when an argument broke out with another theatre patron, police said today.

The pair fought about whether the graphic, violent action film had made good viewing, Bathurst Police Inspector Cameron Lindsay said.

The teenager's nose was bitten off, Inspector Lindsay said.

He was taken to Bathurst Base Hospital where the tip of his nose was successfully reattached early this morning.

The teenager was expected to be transferred to Sydney's Westmead Hospital for further surgery later today.

Inspector Lindsay said police were still searching for the other man involved.

Officers viewed closed-circuit video surveillance footage and had spoken to several witnesses about the fight.

"They [the men] didn't know each other but they started talking after the movie had finished," Inspector Lindsay said.

"There's been an argument, apparently, over how good the movie was, and then an altercation."

Sin City, a comic strip adaptation, includes scenes depicting castration, murder, torture, decapitation, rape and misogyny.

One reviewer said the strongest impression it left was of "adrenalin-charged, hyper-kinetic violence".



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