Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New game from the creators of Diablo!

Oh yeh!!!
It was only the other day I was posting about Diablo II, and whatever happened to another game from the team who made it, so imagine my surprise when this arrived in my inbox quite by chance:

Hands-On with 'Hellgate: London' Article


"The year 2005 has already marked the appearance of a few new action RPGs, and there are several more in the works. It's fitting that one of them will be from the original creators of the Diablo series, who have set up a new shop at Flagship Studios. Their game is Hellgate: London, a hack-and-slash game that takes place in a postmodern version of London, England, after a catastrophic demonic invasion, and, unusually enough, plays from a first-person perspective (or a third-person, behind-the-back view). Some time ago, we had a chance to get our hands on the game once more, to take a closer look at it. Here's what we found."

Screenies: (Click for full size)

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No release date is set yet, but the developers are assuring ua that "..we won't have to wait longer than it takes for an average high school student to graduate."


At 2:12 pm, January 04, 2006, Anonymous [0-0] said...

Yes. More games for Droidy to play, w00t!

Although, Diablo now makes me think of the chicken in


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