Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Return of The Mac

It's been nearly one year to the day since I last posted on here.

I'm old! /cry

Ironically, it's also been a year where I have introduced more people to blogging than ever before. It comes as no surprise though, least of all to myself, due to my ongoing efforts towards mastering the art of giving rather than taking; the only problem being that the subject matter is 'advice'.

Oh well. Never claimed to be perfect.

Am also not quite sure why the blogging itch decided to be scratched at precisely 1:00am on a mid-May Tuesday school night, but there you go.

Perhaps the best approach, to ease myself back into the fray, is a recap of my last year. (I would take the obligatory deep breath at this point, however I have a cigarette in one hand and a coke can in the other. I would cough then drown. Yes, I am typing this with my nose.)

Hmm let's see.. ok:
  • Played WoW for almost the entirety of these past 12 months
  • Effectively transformed into a female, and leveled a character to 60, becoming somewhat of a notoriety on my realm (read: flirt/carebear)
  • Installed Burning Crusade the day it came out
  • Leveled to 62, burnt out, got bored, got sick of Virtual Home & Away daily, left in a veil of crafted high drama
  • Purchased Lineage II
  • Got accosted by bottle-pissers and PvP *freaks* and thought "what have I done!?"
  • Discovered EvE-Online / Purchased EvE-Online / Faithfully and monogamously loved EvE-Online for 2 months solid
  • Desired to expand my MMORPG diet further than the outer reaches of near-infinite space, and discovered Guild Wars
  • Purchased Guild Wars /Enjoyed GW as a change of pace from WoW and most certainly as a scenery change from EvE
  • Purchased Guild Wars Factions / Loved GW Factions
  • Purchased Guild Wars Nightfall / Totally Loved GW Nightfall
  • Leveled 5 characters to 20 (cap) / Managed to bring over some guildies from WoW
  • Heard about City of Heroes & City of Villains / Purchased CoH/CoV Good vs Evil Edition
  • Enjoyed leaping single women in a bound / Lycra tights started to get itchy
  • Heard about Auto Assault / Purchased AA
  • Uninstalled AA approximately 90 minutes later, cursing myself for not taking advantage of the free trial first
  • Yearned for some traditional fantasy/action and purchased EverQuest II
  • Lord of the Rings Online came out / Purchased as a founding member
Umm, I think somewhere in there also; I went to work a couple of times, bought two bicycles, and finally invested in a decent home computer: my OS-agnostic and awfully-pretty iMac.

Bet you wish you were me, huh? =)

That'll do for now, and in fact that's truthfully about all there is to tell.
As I wind back into my blog-swing over the coming evenings, I'll elaborate on some of those points and wax lyrical about the pros and shortcomings of my Magical MMORPG Year That Was, including what I still play today. But for the time being, it's off to bed for moi.

That's what happens when you become One Year Older. ( where did I place my denture glass?)


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